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In the complex realm of food sustainability, understanding the intricate connection between food marketing standards and food waste presents a significant challenge. These standards, spanning various sectors and regulatory levels, often have subtle effects on food waste. That’s where BREADCRUMB comes in—an ambitious project poised to shed light on this very issue. Through collaboration with BREADCRUMB, ROSETTA aims to revolutionise how we perceive and address food waste associated with marketing standards.

BREADCRUMB’s mission is very clear: to gather a comprehensive inventory of both private and public food marketing standards, understand their purpose and impact and develop strategies to minimise food waste. This multifaceted approach involves empirical research, modelling mechanisms and proposing solutions to rebalance existing standards. Additionally, BREADCRUMB aims to enhance market access to “suboptimal” foods, guiding businesses in selecting appropriate marketing channels and catalysing shifts in consumer attitudes.

On the other hand, ROSETTA brings its expertise in reducing food waste linked to marketing standards to the collaboration. By joining forces with BREADCRUMB, ROSETTA seeks to leverage their respective strengths to achieve a common goal: creating a more sustainable and efficient food system.

These two projects aspire to establish a comprehensive understanding of food marketing standards, build an empirical evidence base, comprehend underlying mechanisms, enhance market access to suboptimal foods and effectively scale up project outcomes.

Stay tuned as ROSETTA and BREADCRUMB embark on this transformative journey together, taking significant steps towards a greener, more sustainable world.

To find out more about BREADCRUMB visit their official website here!

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