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From Farm to Fork, We Link the Sustainable

Diving into the world of food waste

Join us in revolutionizing the narrative of food waste. ROSETTA is not just a project; it’s a commitment to transform the way we perceive and manage our food resources for a sustainable tomorrow.

The Challenge

In a world where a significant portion of food waste is attributed to marketing standards, ROSETTA steps into unknown territory. Despite its prevalence, there is limited concrete evidence on the extent and impact of food waste due to marketing standards. Our challenge is to dive deep into this complexity, understanding not only how much food waste occurs but also why and how to address it.

The Ambition

ROSETTA stands at the forefront of innovation, aiming to develop estimation models for food waste generated by different marketing standards across various food commodities. Unlike existing methodologies, our approach recognizes the interconnectedness of stages and actors in the food value chain. We engage stakeholders at every level, ensuring a holistic understanding that goes beyond statistical recording.

Advancing Knowledge and Solutions

A key innovation of ROSETTA lies in its dedication to filling the gaps in existing research. While current methods lack consistency in data collection and often overlook interactions in the food value chain, we are introducing a system-dynamics approach. This not only estimates food waste but also explores sustainable solutions for the valorization of suboptimal foods.

Our Approach

  • Transdisciplinary Research: ROSETTA engages multi-actors in a transdisciplinary research approach, estimating food waste, co-defining sustainable solutions, and assessing trade-offs.
  • Operational Plan and Use Cases: A robust operational plan guides pilot experiments in five EU countries, representing key food commodities. These use cases, led by private marketing standards owners, provide real-world data.
  • Comparative Analysis: We employ a comparative analysis of data from lab and field research, coupled with Life-Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA), to validate and optimize selected solutions.


  • Groundbreaking Research: ROSETTA is at the forefront of exploring food waste linked to marketing standards, bringing fresh insights to an underexplored area.
  • Innovative Approach: Our unique system-dynamics method sets us apart, helping us understand and tackle food waste in a holistic way.
  • Real-World Use Cases: With pilot experiments in actual use cases led by private standards owners, ROSETTA translates ideas into action for tangible results.

Embrace the future with ROSETTA – where groundbreaking insights and solutions reshape our perspective on food waste.

Project Factsheet

Project title: Reducing food waste due to marketing standards through alternative market access

Grant Agreement: 101136427

Programme: Horizon Europe

Type of Action: HORIZON Lump Sum Grant

Start date: 17 January 2024

Duration: 36 months

EU contribution: 4,999,382,05€