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Use case MIP in Spain

This use case MIP will concentrate on the Short Food Supply Chain (SFSC) model, which involves the supply of fresh fruit and vegetables to consumers directly from the producers. The pilot case aims to enhance this partnership and promote actions that aim to reduce the food waste from marketing standards at the retail stage from 10 to 2%. The edible products that are being wasted (non-visually appealing fruit and vegetables, products close to the “best before” date) will be utilized through alternative and validated solutions: a) blending of fruits with chocolate to launch a new product, b) imperfect vegetables will be turned into soup, c) production of orange juice from immature oranges, d) production of soup and creams from imperfect vegetables. These products will be promoted and sold via the already established online retail model.

Leading Partner:

FRESHIS, with the support of their local suppliers

Contact (e-mail):

Lluis Puig [email protected]