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Use case MIP in Poland

This use case MIP will focus on cereals and more specifically on out of quality specs bran-based, fibre-rich whole grain options with functional properties. The pilot will define and implement alternative marketing channels that will focus on exploiting the suboptimal foods through the preparation of cereal-based meals that address special dietary needs (e.g. vegan, vegetarian etc.) and healthy bakery products (e.g. cereal and energy bars). The prepared products will be served in catered events, or distributed to vulnerable families and refugees from Ukraine, in collaboration with a foodservice entity and organisations. Also, digital grain passport will be developed, aiming to facilitate in the transparency and traceability of the food supply chains, and an online digital market platform will be explored and analysed as a innovative way of reducing/preventing food waste due to marketing standards.

Leading Partner:

UNIMOS (UNI) in collaboration with MOCHNIK (MOCH) and the support of the AgroBioCluster that is coordinated by UNIMOS

Contact (e-mail):

UNIMOS: Tomasz Bober [email protected]

MOCHNIK: Przemysław Mochnik [email protected]