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ROSETTA, with an official starting date on January 1 2024, held its kick off meeting on January 17 in Thessaloniki, initiating its activities that aim to assess the impact of marketing standards on food waste. ROSETTA, which is coordinated by Q-PLAN, is a 3-year EU funded project consists of 17 partners from 8 countries.
Rosetta will engage in pioneering research aiming to understand the role of marketing standards in food waste. In addition to analysis, the project is actively developing practical solutions to offer ‘imperfect’ yet entirely eatable food a renewed opportunity. Our core mission involves creating alternative marketing models, which we plan to accomplish through five pilot projects in Ireland, Spain, Poland, Greece, and Denmark. By utilizing these real-world cases, our goal is to offer actionable insights that will not only support businesses but also inform recommendations for policymakers, marketing standard authorities, and regulators. More specifically, ROSETTA aims to:

  • Establish Multi-Actor Innovation Platforms through the engagement of key stakeholders in the food value chain.
  • Develop a digital toolkit for co-creation and knowledge exchange.
  • Investigate and assess the impact of public and private food marketing standards on food waste.
  • Estimate the amounts of food waste due to marketing standards through the development of models and verifying estimations with data obtained from pilot experiments.
  • Co-develop alternative marketing models that will collect and assess interventions and good practices.

We are thrilled to embark on this journey towards a more sustainable future!

Stay tuned for updates, insights and ways you can actively contribute!

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