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Use case MIP in Ireland

This use case MIP will focus on concept of “Vegetables of Gold” by developing alternative solutions for the use of fruit and vegetables that do not comply with the “cosmetic” specifications but are still safe to be consumed. The pilot case will explore and test a product range according to information obtained from supply chain business models and concepts, and sustainability objectives regarding the horticultural supply chain in Ireland. A branded processed range will be developed that will produce tasty and nutritious products through simple food processing techniques, depending on what will be out of specifications. TEAGASC Horticultural Development Department and TEAGASC Prepared Consumer Foods Centre will carry out the activities of this process, by providing the necessary equipment and engaging with horticultural experts, retailers, a farmers’ market and food service outlet. Finally, other marketing channels will be investigated, such as food related local events that will demonstrate the preparation of tasty, nutritious and safe meals from “out of spec” food.

Leading Partner:

TEAGASC, with the support of relevant organisations from their network (Bord Bia, Airfield Estate, Fingal LEADER Partnership, SECAD etc.)

Contact person:

Maeve Henchion