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The first semester meeting of the ROSETTA project was recently held at the TEAGASC premises in Ashtown, Dublin. This meeting served as a good opportunity for partners from across Europe to come together, review the progress of the project and discuss future plans aimed at promoting sustainable food practices.

During the meeting, discussions focused on aligning the project’s strategies with its goals. This was essential for ensuring that all partners have a clear understanding of their roles and the expectations moving forward. A workshop was held where partners became more familiar with marketing standards and the drivers for their establishment, while actively engaging in discussions about private and public marketing standards and their possible impact on food waste. Creating a common language improves communication across our team but also ensures that the messages we share with the wider audience are clear and consistent. Following the workshop, the meeting proceeded with comprehensive reviews of all active Work Packages (WPs) and relevant tasks presented by each leader. This detailed walk-through allowed each segment of the project to report on progress, outline challenges and receive feedback, ensuring cohesive movement towards our collective objectives.

The meeting wrapped up with a tour of the TEAGASC facilities, providing partners with insights into the latest research and developments in food sustainability. This visit was informative, showcasing practical applications of the research being conducted.

Join ROSETTA in this important mission while we tackle food waste linked to marketing standards!

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