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Use case MIP in Greece

This use case MIP will investigate the marketing alternatives of food commodities that do not meet marketing criteria, mainly emerging from consumer expectations and behaviour: a) fruit & vegetables, meat that have minor defects and are not chosen by the customers, b) meat that is very close to the “use by” date and has a high probability of not being sold by the retailer. An alternative marketing channel will be defined and tested, focusing on the social innovation approach, where the suboptimal foods that are still safe to be consumed will be delivered to social kitchens and immediately cooked and distributed to people who cannot afford food. Also, the consumer behaviour will be monitored through an existing mobile application regarding the instructions that they received on how to store food in order to avoid reaching a suboptimal or “unsafe to eat” stage and finally being wasted.

Leading Partner:

CHALKIADAKIS (CHALK), with the support of local authorities and civil organisations (Municipality of Heraklion in Crete, Food Bank in Crete, ECR Hellas).

Contact (e-mail):