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Use case MIP in Denmark

This use case MIP will tackle the waste generated along the entire food chain of dairy products, which is known to have one of the highest wastages overall, with consumers making up to 64% of the total. This case will pilot test and optimize the followingsolutions for dairy products: review and analyze the entire supply chain and thereby find and test solutions to reducing food waste. Avoid waste at consumer level by reviewingand test options to extend “use by” date and communicate the message to the customers that the product which is past the use by date is still safe to be consumed, provide recipes for utilization of dairy products with low shelf life remaining and assess the impact of this on the reduction of dairy waste.

Leading Partner:

FBCD in collaboration with NATURMAELK (NATM) and the support of FBCD members and networks.

Contact (e-mail):

FBCD: Knud Hjortlund Hansen [email protected]

Naturmælk: Leif Friis Jørgensen [email protected]