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The Rosetta Community of Practice (CoP) is a diverse group of representatives from different stakeholders across the food value chain. The aim of the CoP is to promote networking among the stakeholders of food value chain, the exchange of knowledge and information about the ongoing challenges regarding the food waste generated form marketing standards, and empower citizens and communities to change their behaviour towards more sustainable food consumption.

The Rosetta Community of Practice is a diverse group of different stakeholders in the food value chain, including food producers and processors, distributors and retailers across the supply chain, food marketing owners, business and marketing advisors, policy officers, national and local authorities, consumers, and many others.



Connect with experts, individuals and organisations from the food value chain, and explore potential collaborations with them
Engage in our annual meetings, and stay updated on the progress of the Rosetta project, while also engaging in discussions about the challenges in food value chain
Attend our exclusive events and workshops and gain access to invaluable knowledge and networking opportunities
Contribute to the establishment of a solid and meaningful discussion on the challenges for the sustainability of food value chain and propose solutions to pivotal issues of the sector

Join the Rosetta Community of Practice and seize the remarkable opportunity of being in the forefront of forging a more sustainable future for food consumption.

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