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Strategic Insights, Lasting Impact: Guiding ROSETTA to Success

ROSETTA is proud to have an esteemed Advisory Board comprising experts and thought leaders in the fields relevant to our mission. This distinguished group serves as a consultation body, providing valuable feedback and strategic recommendations to enhance the project’s effectiveness. Their wealth of knowledge and experience contributes significantly to shaping the direction of our research and initiatives.

Key Responsibilities:

Feedback and Guidance: The Advisory Board offers valuable insights and advice, drawing upon their extensive expertise to ensure the project maintains the highest standards.
Strategic Recommendations: With a focus on innovation and impact, the Advisory Board provides strategic recommendations to drive ROSETTA toward achieving its goals efficiently.
Project Dissemination: Our esteemed Advisory Board actively participates in the dissemination of project outcomes. They leverage their extensive networks and communication channels to share ROSETTA’s progress with a broader audience.
Maximizing Impact: By contributing to wider stakeholder communication channels, the Advisory Board plays a crucial role in maximizing and sustaining the impact of ROSETTA’s results.

The members of the ROSETTA Advisory Board are presented below:

El-Erian Professor of Behavioural Economics and Policy

Prof Dr Lucia A Reisch

Cambridge Judge Business School

A behavioural economist and consumer researcher, focusing on the theory and application of behavioural insights to promote behavioural change in individuals and organisations towards societal welfare and sustainable development. She has two decades of experience with high-level policy consulting on consumer behaviour and policy, including the EU and World Bank, as well as governments worldwide.
Coordinator of the "Alliance for the Reduction of Food Waste" in Greece

Ms Dia Chorafa

“Boroume” Organisation

A policy expert of “Boroume”, a non-profit organisation aiming to reduce food waste and food insecurity in Greece. She is the coordinator of the “Alliance for the Reduction of Food Waste”, a voluntary agreement that promotes synergies among all types of key stakeholders in Greece, comprising public authorities, food companies & their professional / trade associations across the entire food value chain, Civil Society Organisations, research & academia. She also represents the organisation in the work of the EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste.
Senior Scientist - Chain and Market Performance

Dr Lusine Aramyan

Wageningen Economic Research, Wageningen University & Research

Over the past decade, Dr. Aramyan has devoted herself to a variety of food chain research projects in the domain of agri-food supply chain economics and has been involved in numerous EU commissioned projects as project leader and/or researcher. An extensive review of her research catalog reveals her contributions to numerous international peer-reviewed publications, primarily focusing on sustainable management of agri-food supply chains. Dr. Aramyan's portfolio pivots around improving chain performance, designing market-based instruments and incentives, supporting the transition to sustainable agriculture, as well as policy analysis and initiatives targeting food waste reduction. Her mission is to contribute to the development of a more sustainable and waste-free agri-food system.
Food Supply Expert

Mr. Prodromos Kalaitzis

Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania

Senior Policy Advisor on agri-food cooperatives and the agri-food supply chain. Having graduated on agricultural economics (agri-business management), he has worked as a researcher on agricultural cooperatives at the Netherlands Institute for Cooperative Entrepreneurship and at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, on agri-food marketing and food supply chains. He has lobbied in Brussels for the European Farmers and European Agri-Cooperatives organisation (Copa-Cogeca), as a cooperative expert and senior policy adviser on agri-cooperatives at the EU High Level Forum for the better functioning of the food supply chain. His most recent employment includes serving as the Director of the Greek agri-cooperative association (NEA PASEGES), and as a co-operative business consultant. He is currently active as a food supply expert on research projects of the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania.